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These teacher testimonials give a flavour of the immense positive feedback to my training and workshops.

  • ’Just want to reiterate how much I enjoyed your Positive Psychology course in the Drumcondra Education Centre. It was a real ’meaty’ course with powerful input but what I found most impressive was your manner of delivery- your tone was measured and calm and you imparted your knowledge in a relaxed, assured manner. So glad I did your course - thanks so much! ’
  • ’Fabulous- a really super amount of information presented in a really easy to follow format’
  • ’So many useful techniques for wellness in the classroom and my own self-care. Very practical approach – great that Fiona is practising this herself and speaking from experience.’
    • ’Hugely beneficial for personal well-being and as a teacher. Very well delivered and extremely interesting’
    • ’Would highly recommend’
    • ’Excellent course, very practical yet embedded in research which is reassuring’
    • ’Lovely delivery – really enjoyed the course’
    • ’I really enjoyed this course, it’s given me a boost to let me know that what I’m doing is good and important. Really looking forward to continuing this work in my class.’
    • ’Fantastic course made all the more relevant because you’re a practising teacher.’
    • ’Fantastic course – lots and lots of tips and techniques that I can use in my class. Extremely interesting.’
    • ’Brilliant practical ideas to bring back to the classroom and also on a personal level.’