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Workshops and Training.

I deliver talks and training to teachers on how Positive Psychology can nurture well-being in schools. My sessions can be tailored to suit the needs of the individual school and cover a range of topics. All training is suitable for both primary and secondary schools. See below for a list of topics, or contact me to discuss other options. I am also available as a speaker for conferences and seminars.

My workshops range from one hour to full day sessions for staff development.


Understanding Well-Being and Positive Psychology

If we want to nurture well-being, we must first understand its components and the factors which influence it. This session explores these factors and offers practical suggestions for enhancing well-being in schools. It also introduces Positive Psychology, which is the science of well-being.

Creating a Whole School Climate of Well-Being

This session explores the factors which contribute to a whole school climate of well-being. Schools can identify their current strengths in this area and explore a wide range of practical suggestions and ideas.

An Introduction to Mindfulness

This session explores the concept of mindfulness and outlines research which shows its many benefits. We will participate in some short mindfulness practices and also explore ways to incorporate mindfulness as a tool to enhance well-being in schools.

Building Resilience

Resilience plays a key role in well-being and this session outlines the protective factors which help to build it. We will also explore some practical skills and strategies which can help build resilience in ourselves and our students.

Teacher Well-Being

Well-being in schools begins with teacher well-being. This session offers teachers a chance to identify their barriers to well-being and offers practical ways to overcome these barriers. Research from this area will also be presented.

The Power of Positive Emotions

Positive emotions such as joy, hope, awe and pride are not just a luxury but a necessity for our well-being. This session outlines the research on the benefits of positive emotions and explores ways to boost them, both on a personal level and in the classroom.

Celebrating Character Strengths

Use of Character Strengths is one of the pillars of Positive Psychology. Identifying and using individual strengths is linked to a wide range of benefits. This session will outline the 24 Character Strengths and look at ways to embed them into school and classroom practice.

An Overview of the Weaving Well-Being Programme

This session provides an overview of the full Weaving Well-Being Programme and offers strategies to get the most from the programme.

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Weaving Well-Being
Weaving Well-Being Workshop
Weaving Well-Being Workshop
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